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PERSPECTIVE: The Hypocrisy of “Live and Let Live” or… When Did ‘Pile-On’ Become the Norm?

By Fran Trelease

In my role as college lecturer, I often confer with students on global current events. After all, under our current president, stories of conflicts are as plentiful as the proverbial Horn of Plenty. And sometimes we look at how social media fans the flames of outrage between two sides.

But in a recent class, our goal was to highlight how public figures – political, athletic or celebrity – often handle themselves in a clumsy or obtuse manner.  We were to focus on mannerisms, more so than messages. But the talk quickly turned — predictably so– back to message. Also predictably… President Donald Trump took front and center stage.

Before I steered Trump policy talk back to the oafish and awkward (think the hilarity of George W. malapropisms, and Trump’s Twitter ‘covfefe’,) I read some of the indignations voiced by these intelligent, young adults. Their outrage was real.

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